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Volvo Recruitment Process

Join us to shape tomorrow’s society! There are many ways to start a career, and your career at Volvo Group starts with our recruitment process. For us, it is important that every recruitment is a perfect fit for everyone – you and us both. Our hiring process steps are designed to ensure just that.

At Volvo Group, our workplace is global, and so are our objectives. We are shaping the world and driving prosperity with our transport solutions. We are always on the lookout for new talents who want to join our strong teams. Together we strive to create?an inclusive culture?where everyone can contribute to their full potential and be accepted for who they are.?Life at Volvo Group?is an opportunity to grow. We offer various training programs that give you keys to propel your career to the next level.

Explore our?open positions?to find the job opportunities that best suit your talent and aspirations. We welcome an application for the positions for which you meet the criteria described in the job ad. There are no blueprints for a good Volvo application – who you are as a person is what matters the most. But, to help you on your way we offer a number of tips on how to present yourself effectively in your CV and cover letter. You find them?here.

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Volvo hiring process in 5 easy steps

1. Explore our job openings

There are often a wide range of different needs across Volvo Group. To find a good match, start by searching for?open positions?that match your talents and aspirations. We are a global company. Your skillset may be needed at a nearby location, but if you are open to move, we have lots of possibilities and job openings across the world. Every job opening available to external applicants are posted on our webpage.?

2. Apply

Once you find an interesting job opening, click on “Apply” and create your personal profile. We recommend that you keep both your resume and cover letter short, specific and clear – maximum one page for cover letter and two for resume. For more Volvo applications tips,?click here. The cover letter is your opportunity to tell us why you are applying for the specific position and why you think you are a perfect match.


You can always update your profile at a later stage. You will receive an email confirmation as soon as we have received your application. We will take the necessary time to study all applications.?

3. Interview

If you are being considered for a job, we will meet for a first interview, in person, via video conference, or on the phone. The first interview is our chance to get to know you. We will ask questions about your professional skills as well as your personal traits. We want to know who you are as a person, and how you can contribute to our team.


It is our strong belief that an organization draws strength from different personalities, backgrounds and skills. So, do not be nervous – just be yourself! For more tips on how to prepare for the interview,?click here. After this first meeting, if the match is good, the following steps include second interviews, assessments and references.

4. Final selection

If there is a match between us, you will receive an offer for an employment contract. Get ready to work in a fast pace environment where we thrive on teamwork, open dialogue and learning every day. We look forward to your contribution to our?culture?of high performance, to the success of our customers and to making a difference for society. Should the particular position you applied for did not end up as a match, you will be notified.?

5. Welcome

Our hiring process is not finished just yet! It is important that you quickly become a part of your new team. We have extensive onboarding programs to make sure that you can make a difference from day one. Your career at Volvo Group has just begun, and we look forward to seeing you?grow with us. Our?global presence?opens up for a number of opportunities for employees who want to thrive in new places. And, our own corporate university –?Volvo Group University?– offers competence development in an easily accessible way for all our employees.

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An interview between two persons | Application and interview tips from Volvo Group

Application Tips & FAQ

Your application gives us the big picture of who you are and can be your entry ticket to a career at Volvo Group.?Here are some simple tips by our recruiters to help you prepare your application.

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